How to access a credit without proof



Credit without proof is part of the family of consumer credits. It can be a revolving credit or a personal loan. In all cases, the latter allows the borrower to finance his projects without reporting to the lender. It should however be specified that it is different from the loan without proof of income. This other type of credit is granted without checking the subscriber’s repayment capacity. How to obtain a credit without proof? What are the components of a loan application file? What type of loan is suited to your needs? Here are the answers!


Profile of a trustworthy borrower

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In the eyes of banks, the ideal borrower should have a repayment capacity in accordance with the requirements of the loan. To increase your chances, it is necessary to demonstrate your financial stability. How to do it?

In the case of employees, it is important to highlight the stable employment they enjoy in their files. Job security is essential in the eyes of financial institutions. Concerning the self-employed, they only need to prove the regular receipt of remuneration.

Furthermore, no detail escapes borrowers, which is why it is essential to have good financial behavior. This quality is perceived through bank statements and is confirmed by the presence of a savings account. Are to flee, bank overdrafts and large futile expenses. A profile can also be discredited by a large number of debts. A person registered with the Unionlite lenders has little chance of obtaining credit.


How to guarantee obtaining a credit without proof

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There is no loan granted without sending a request and then submitting a file consisting, in general, of the following:

  • 1 proof of address;
  • 1 photocopy of identity document;
  • 1 RIB or Bank Identity Statement;
  • 1 proof of address;
  • Recent pay slips for employees and the latest tax notice for retirees.

The bank or lender requests the presentation of these documents to ensure the creditworthiness of the potential borrower. Acceptance of the application depends on the formula selected, the amount of capital desired and the reimbursement conditions chosen.

In principle, if the loan requested is an online loan, the financial institution sends a reply in principle after receipt of the request. However, it is only after analyzing the file whether or not it confirms access to credit. The acceptance period varies according to the nature of the loan.


What type of establishment offers unrestricted personal loans?

personal loans?

Traditional banks, as well as online financial organizations, offer various quick financing solutions. Contacting your usual bank is interesting if you want to highlight your status as a loyal customer. The borrower will give more consideration to the request and will be more open to negotiations.

On the other hand, online banks also have arguments to argue: no need to travel to submit a request, to obtain permanent assistance, advantageous offers, etc. In addition, the web makes it easy to find different loan offers.


Know how to choose your loan without proof

credit loan without proof

The personal loan without proof is quite expensive compared to conventional loans. Therefore, you must choose your loan carefully. The price of a loan is expressed in rates and in order not to be mistaken, it is necessary to always refer to the APR. Choosing well means opting for the least expensive and also for a loan capable of meeting your financing needs.

How to find the ideal credit? The best way to make no mistake is to make comparisons. Do not settle for a single proposition, but let the competition play. 

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